The promise of the Industrial Internet of Things connects plant equipment to enable reliability and maintenance teams to save costs and maximize uptime. The reality is that most plants use offline equipment of varying types and age that is difficult and costly to maintain. To realize the promise of improved productivity, reduced downtime and critical insights, this equipment needs to be monitored and seamlessly tied to plant systems and workforce planning.

Fluke Accelix is an open, cloud platform that connects maintenance software, equipment, and critical plant systems. Accelix integrates Fluke's portfolio of wireless tools and condition-monitoring sensors to eMaint, Fluke's leading SaaS CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), and shares information with enterprise solutions of choice. Maintenance managers are constantly looking for opportunities to improve productivity, lower costs, and save time.

This is increasingly important as teams have fewer resources to do the same job, and they need better insights into resource allocation and asset health. Industry data proves when managers can monitor machine health, they allocate their teams more effectively and prevent serious problems from happening – all while improving safety, productivity, and uptime. In the end, equipment life is extended and savings are quantified – a value proposition sought by maintenance professionals everywhere.

Accelix will help maintenance teams access the benefit of connected equipment, tools, measurement data, and software systems by eliminating common barriers many customers face in implementing a comprehensive, affordable reliability program.

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