Verint Systems Inc. has highlighted significant advances in automation innovation across its Customer Engagement portfolio, along with plans to launch new automation capabilities later this year. Leading enterprises recognize that the effective adoption and implementation of automation solutions within their customer engagement operations can be game-changing for the enterprise, yielding higher revenue, lower operating costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

Verint is a long-time automation leader and has leveraged automation technologies over the years to drive workforce optimization (WFO) market leadership. Recently, Verint added innovative automation capabilities beyond its WFO suite, across a broad portfolio of customer engagement solutions. Examples of automation innovation include the introduction of a self-service solution powered by natural language processing (NLP), the introduction of automated speech analytics categories powered by machine learning, and the introduction of automated caller authentication powered by biometric analytics. Verint’s automation innovations utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) – including machine learning and NLP – and the latest advances in unstructured and structured data analytics to further drive new capabilities to help modernize and simplify customer engagement. In fact, later this year, Verint expects to unveil several new and significant automation solutions across its portfolio. To support customers as they embrace automation tools, Verint intends to expand value-added services that help organizations determine what to automate, how to roll-out new advanced automation across their operations, and best practices for driving adoption and change management.

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