Denis Brunetti

"VNPT and Ericsson have a close collaboration. We continuously introduce new and advanced technology in VNPT's network and the Ericsson Charging System will reduce the overall service management and service delivery costs. It will also enable VNPT to increase subscriber satisfaction and to capitalize on new business opportunities."

Denis Brunetti,
Ericsson Vietnam and Myanmar

VNPT has chosen Ericsson as a strategic partner to modernize its charging and business support system. The modernization will enable service convergence and advanced charging capabilities, and improve the user experience for VNPT's 40 million prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The new system will also reduce operational costs and lay the foundation for the operator's transformation into a digital enterprise.

The Ericsson Charging System is replacing VNPT's legacy infrastructure, and the contract includes a backend IT peripheral system that will speed up the deployment and migration. The backend system will simplify integration of existing IT applications, taking full advantage of the new charging features and providing a flexible platform for VNPT to deploy new and innovative services.

With the Ericsson Charging System in service, VNPT's subscribers will be able to request and update account information in real-time and automatically get notifications on costs, balances, and bonuses. The system will also help achieve a better understanding of subscriber behavior using VNPT and make it possible to rapidly create personalized offers, for example, charging individual subscribers for bandwidth or specific services.

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