Ixia and ProtectWise have announced an integration partnership that will offer enterprises a comprehensive solution for end-to-end visibility across enterprise, mixed cloud, and multicloud environments.

ProtectWise delivers a new utility model for enterprise security. With the ProtectWise Grid, analysts get the facility of automated detection of advanced attacks, and the ability to intuitively interact with massive volumes of security data through an advanced visual presentation – transforming how enterprises handle complex threats with security delivered entirely from the cloud.

The Ixia CloudLens platform provides visibility across all cloud environments – public, private, and hybrid clouds. CloudLens Private, the arm that supports private cloud technologies, is able to tap, filter, process, and manipulate traffic in a cloud environment. CloudLens Public addresses cloud security needs through a secure, intelligent visibility platform that leverages metadata tags and is built as a cloud-native SaaS with a serverless architecture.

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