Huawei and Telefónica have announced the opening of an NB-IoT Open Lab to work on the development of products and applications related to Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology.

Telefónica’s NB-IoT Open Lab will be opened in Chile in the next few months aimed to boost the IoT business ecosystem and lead the innovation in the IoT space. It will allow IoT players such as equipment vendors, service providers, end-user OEM device makers, and application developers, to deploy faster their services and applications over Telefónica’s networks. They will also have early access to new IoT developments by combining Huawei resources and capabilities with Telefónica Chile’s well-established R&D center’s facilities, resources, and know-how.

Telefónica Chile’s R&D center is a joint initiative between Telefónica and the Chilean government with the goal of promoting an open and participatory Internet of Things ecosystem. 

Telefónica and Huawei jointly deployed the first field NB-IoT smart metering service in Chile during 2016. This initiative enables the roll out of such experiences to many other areas and applications.

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