ZTE Corporation has signed a strategic partnership agreement on 5G and IoT with Telenet, deepening the two companies’ collaboration on next-generation technologies.

Micha Berger, chief technology officer, Telenet, and Xiao Ming, senior vice president, ZTE, signed the new agreement that expands the partnership between the two companies to cover future network innovations.

In August 2016, Telenet selected ZTE to upgrade its national mobile network, deploying ZTE’s world-class Uni-RAN technology. The network modernization project not only resulted in major improvements in performance and service quality for Telenet subscribers but also gave the carrier enhanced capabilities to manage its operations.

With ZTE’s industry-leading technology, Telenet completed field tests and set a new European network speed record, achieving download speeds of 1.3 Gbps, four times faster than existing 4G services.

Together with ZTE, Telenet is exploring technology solutions for IoT services and high-capacity solutions using LTE Massive MIMO and LTE broadcast solutions.

ZTE is committed to investments in research and development of core 5G technologies including Massive MIMO, MUSA (multi-user shared access), FB-OFDM (filter-bank OFDM), virtual cell, and network slicing.


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