Ericsson and Moscow City Telephone Network have signed a Preemptive Support contract whereby Ericsson will monitor Russia's largest urban telecom network, anticipate emerging issues, and prevent critical network incidents.

In 2016, MGTS made a strategic decision to increase its focus on network quality. In response, Ericsson provided preemptive support for the operator's newly deployed Smart Services Routers on a trial basis and achieved significant improvements in network performance. The success of this engagement persuaded MGTS to sign a preemptive support contract with Ericsson and to extend its scope to include broadband access solutions.

The nature of the preemptive support service requires Ericsson to work in close collaboration with MGTS. Ericsson engineers continuously gather input from the customer and use it to adapt the monitoring and analytics capability, ensuring it evolves in step with changes in the MGTS network.

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