Pradman Kaul, Global President, Hughes Network Systems

'We have a proven model that works, and are also seeing significant demand for this kind of capability from across the world. We are very keen to replicate this in India as well. And so what we're proposing and have been proposing for a few years is that the first high-throughput satellite along with ground infrastructure would cost somewhere around USD 500 million, and this is part of our proposal to the FIPB and the government. We have said that we will invest this money in the India market because we believe in it. So we are not asking the government to make any investment at their end. We are also telling them that we'll provide this capability along with the investments. We think there is a huge demand in India.'

Pradman Kaul
Global President,
Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems plans to invest USD 500 million in India for a high-throughput communications satellite that has the potential to significantly enhance and improve India's broadband coverage.
The company is in talks with the Indian government to discuss about the launching of the high-throughput broadband satellites and providing capabilities that are no longer just limited to the developed world but are now also available in the emerging markets. Just about 3–4 months ago, Hughes launched a major system in Brazil, just like the one they are proposing for India. The company is waiting for approvals from the government.

The idea is to offer Indian consumers the speeds and capacity of what a subscriber in Brazil, in US, or in Europe gets. To meet the needs of enterprises and to bridge the digital divide, there is a need for technologies that are more advanced than what are available in India today. The proposed satellite will be able to offer all this.

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