ZTE Corporation has signed a 100G WDM Backbone Network Project and metro area network (MAN) construction contract with Idea Cellular. ZTE’s optical transport key product, Zxone 9700, obtained 95 percent market share in the MAN project.

As network bandwidths grow rapidly, Idea Cellular urgently needs to upgrade its existing network from a 10G system to a 10G&100G hybrid transport system to ensure the large-capacity long-haul service transport capability. With over 300 100G network application cases and the total fiber length of 100G networks built exceeding 300,000km around the world, ZTE has been leading the industry in the 100G/beyond 100G innovation technology.

ZTE’s Zxone 9700 is an OTN device with ultra-large cross-connect capacity. It supports up to 64T cross-connect capacity and 100G/beyond 100G transmission rates to implement large-capacity long-haul transmission. It enables ODUK/packet/VC unified cross-connect platform to provide both rigid and elastic private line networks featuring unified transport for enterprise customers. Zxone also has CDCF ROADM function, covering all scenarios from the edge aggregation layer to the core backbone layer of the operator, fully meeting the operators’ requirements for transparent transmission, flexible scheduling, aggregation processing of mass data services, and service management monitoring. It can help Idea Cellular adapt to future service development and the follow-up evolution.


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