Matrix offers a wide range of hybrid and IP communication platforms. With scalable and state-of-the-art architecture, these solutions satisfy communication needs of different sized businesses. Trusting Matrix's reputation and legacy of designing and delivering feature-rich communication solutions, a government institute based in Bengaluru, deployed Matrix system in its premises. The government institution works for quality assurance and certification of the power equipment. To follow the changes in technology, companies are releasing power-generation instruments on a regular basis. Failure of any of these devices can lead to dangerous hazards. Therefore, ensuring the quality of every instrument is necessary. Testing and certifying a long line of products on a regular basis had increased work pressure for the employees. To cope with the work load and deliver results on time, it had become imperative for the workforce to remain constantly connected with each other.

The government institute was looking for a solution that enables the employees to connect from anywhere and on any device. Furthermore, the government institute received heavy traffic of calls and with a limited number of channels to accommodate these, they faced the problem of high call drop ratio. The institute also wanted that there should be no loss of business communication even if the employee is not present on the desk.

Matrix, in association with its partner Silkmedia, understood their distinct requirements and installed different Matrix communication solutions.

Brief Overview of the Case


  • Single-box solution for universal connectivity
  • Single-number reach for employees, regardless of their location
  • Communication convenience
  • Proper management of heavy call traffic
  • Increasing telephony costs


  • ETERNITY LE – universal communication platform
  • Two SETU VFXTH0016 and four SETU VFX808
  • VARTA professional license – PC soft client
  • Range of Matrix user terminals
  • Two PRI and GSM Cards for quick connectivity at reduced costs
  • VMS16 License – License for 16 voicemail channels


  • 24×7 connectivity
  • Improved productivity
  • Low system downtime

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