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Communication systems are used inside the buildings for offering an increasing number of sophisticated services to end users. These services are based on the ability and quality of the systems installed. For fulfilling the in-building testing requirement, Transcom provides In-building Testing Solution with cost efficiency and professional standard for high technology researchers, systems installers, and system integrators.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Time-Efficient Testing Devices

Transcom has provided a new set of testing instruments that reduce the traditional testing time. Transcom solution only takes 5 seconds to finish operator frequency power measurement and data collection within, range of 700–2700 MHz and automatically outputs the result report. With IB-TX Sweep Signal Source and IB-RX Sweep Signal Receiver, all frequency points testing results can be automatically output in one test, a single person can perform the testing.

Excellent Features for In-Building Testing

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Competitive advantage of Transcom IB Testing Solution is wide power testing range –120 dBm to +20 dBm, which is sufficient for all unknown locations of indoor distribution system power range testing. IB-TX and IB-RX are both using Android system, full touch screen, and user-friendly interface. Full set weight of IB-TX and IB-RX is only 2.2 kg, which is easy to carry for field work. System installers or researchers can measure DTF VSWR/return loss, refection characteristics, and single-port cable loss by using Transcom IB Testing Solution instruments.

Transcom provides competitive pricing for full in-building testing solutions.

Case: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport In-building Distribution System Evaluating

Evaluate In-Building Distribution System by using IB-TX Sweep Signal Source and IB-RX Sweep Signal Receiver in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport terminal 2.

Full test takes only 5–10 seconds.

Three major network operators' frequency range test results are shown on IB-RX.

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