Nokia might be making a comeback in a partnership with HMD Global. The Finnish company is also investing heavily in networks and communications across the world, particularly 5G technologies. Nokia has announced partnerships with Airtel and BSNL for preparing 5G networks in India, and now the company has MOUs with both players.

The announcement of MoUs should not be taken to mean that 5G will happen in the next couple of months. Airtel and BSNL will be testing the technology with Nokia's help, which is providing network solutions. It could take a couple of years before 5G becomes a mainstream in India.

Nokia will work with BSNL to accelerate the development of a 5G ecosystem, and is looking at how the extreme-high-speed wireless broadband with ultra-low-latency can be developed in the country to support Internet of Things and future smart cities. Nokia and BSNL will be conducting joint 5G demonstrations across India.

Nokia is also partnering with Airtel for this 5G ecosystem development. Both players will look at network evolution to 5G, exploring operations, cost-effectiveness, quality, and reliability. The partnerships will look at creating a strategy and clear path for the evolution of 5G in India, and the efforts will build on the current 4G networks.

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