Vikas Jain

'As India leads the world with growing smartphone penetration and is witnessing an increased usage of mobile wallets, it is imperative to build products and services that are secure and do not compromise on data security. At Micromax, we realize that security of data on smartphones is critical and as one of the world's largest cyber security organizations, Intel Security was an obvious choice for us to partner with, given the company's global pedigree, strong lineage, and R&D capabilities. By integrating McAfee Mobile Assistant on Micromax devices, we are enabling our customers to enjoy a safe online experience in the digitally connected world.'

Vikas Jain
Co-Founder, Micromax Informatics

Micromax has partnered with Intel Security to protect the smartphones from mobile threats. The Micromax devices will come preloaded with McAfee Mobile Assistant to provide a secure mobile experience for Micromax users in India. Starting April 2017, the Micromax smartphones will come with integrated McAfee Mobile Assistant.

Christopher Young

'With smartphones becoming an integral part of our connected lives, it is important consumers realize threats that exist in the digital world and understand how to safeguard their valued data. Intel Security is focused on championing cyber security and we believe in protecting every device. Globally we have secured over 220 million users. The partnership with Micromax is another step forward in realizing our vision of being the #1 security partner of choice.'

Christopher Young
Senior Vice President, General Manager,
Intel Security Group

As per TRAI, 133 million phones in India are today connected to the Internet. Off late, there has been a rise in usage of mobile wallets, online transactions, and app downloads which make the smartphones even more vulnerable to cyber criminals. As more smartphone users are nowadays doing day-to-day activities like online banking on their smartphones, the mobile threat will continue to grow and target consumers.

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