BSNL has signed an agreement with Aeris Communications to jointly tap the growing IoT market in India in a bid to drive the country’s digital transformation initiative.

BSNL and Aeris will offer packaged IoT solutions and services to enterprises, small and medium businesses, and the public sector in India. BSNL is making focused efforts and planned initiatives to bridge the rural–urban digital divide in the ICT sector in India. The Indian operator hopes the partnership agreement will enable IoT projects to improve supply chain efficiency, enhance customer experience, track and monitor assets, improve logistics, and empower smart cities through various solutions.

The partnership will leverage BSNL’s network and Aeris’ IoT services platform, which the pair says will provide a strong foundation for the upcoming IoT projects. The partnership indicates BSNL’s continuous push in accelerating the development of IoT and 5G. In early September, BSNL signed a MoU with US-based Coriant to jointly develop 5G and IoT use cases.

 “IoT is an enabling technology that has the potential to take India to a whole new level of development and our vision is to play a significant part in this endeavor. Our tie-up with Aeris Communications is our first step in this direction. In the days to come we will, through this partnership, translate the potential of IoT into tangible benefits on the ground.”

Chairman and Managing Director,

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