Arvind Bali

"eKYC business is in sync with our existing infrastructure and in line with our goal to expand in segments that are in synergies with our expertise. We see business opportunity in the range of 52–100 crore in the next two years. Now most of the transactions are being linked to Aadhaar. People need technology to authenticate person seeking services that are linked to Aadhaar. We will provide eKYC solution to help them easily verify people.We can leverage our existing telecom and data center infrastructure for all the work that we will do under eKYC."

Arvind Bali,
Videocon Telecom

Videocon Telecom has entered into eKYC business for Aadhaar-linked services and set a revenue target of up to 100 crore from the segment in the next two years. The company has obtained both ASA (authentication service agencies) and AUA (authenticated user agencies) licenses for the Aadhaar-based digitalization.

The company has 60 offices across the country to sell business-to-business solutions. It will leverage workforce at these offices for expansion of the eKYC business. Videocon's eKYC vertical aims to digitize all key sectors namely finance, insurance, hospitality, education etc.

It will also help government organizations to have Aadhaar-based attendance at highly sensitive places, curb attendance frauds in organizations at remote locations, and will also ensure that schemes like mid-day meals and other subsidies are going to the right beneficiaries.The company will deploy eKYC and related solutions with the aim to make them paperless.

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