PK Purwar

"In the next 1.5 years, we should gun for 50 percent of landline customer base becoming broadband enabled customers for us, and that should be the driving force for us. We customize broadband packs for different price points. We believe that we should cater to all kinds of customers, from those with higher data usage to students."

PK Purwar
Chairman and Managing Director,

MTNL is looking to convert nearly 50 percent of its fixed-line users into broadband subscribers over the next 18 months, as part of plans to increase revenue and retain customers. At present, nearly 34 percent of its fixed-line customers are also its broadband subscribers. For MTNL the term broadband is a flagship offering because at present a large number of the corporation's landline customers do not subscribe to its broadband services. So MTNL will be pursuing with them to sell broadband services such that the percentage of the broadband customers can also be increased. It will not only increase the revenue but the customer retention will also be better.

The company also plans to take the broadband equipment closer to subscriber premises and has recently revisited tariff plans to tune them with the varying customer requirements.

MTNL has 15 lakh landline subscribers in Delhi and 18 lakh in Mumbai, while its mobile subscriber base is pegged at 35 lakh in the two metros combined. The corporation has over 20 broadband plans.

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