Actis Technologies

Cloud Video Conferencing

Improves the quality of communication and collaboration by designing video conferencing networks that let cross-location meetings occur more frequently, at short notice and with a lower investment of executive time

HD Video Conferencing

High-definition audio and video quality for a in-the-same-room experience. Ability to achieve high quality video even within bandwidth limitations. Ease of use for setting up meetings with quick dialing to common locations like branches

Immersive Telepresence

Open Standards technology enables compatibility with almost any remote system, irrespective of brand, resolution etc. The Dual / Single Display Telepresence brings the value of realism to regional office or locations where space is scarce


Adobe Connect Meetings

Adobe Connect web conferencing software service offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars


*astTECS MeetBits

Open source software-based Video Conferencing solution; It can connect and collaborate in HD quality video using LAN/Internet from anywhere. Supports cross platform functionality and can have Point-to-Point/Multi-point conferences; *astTECS MeetBits, a cloud based video conferencing solution. Enables businesses to engage in multi-party video calls and delivers high-quality, multipoint HD video conferencing over smartphones, tablets and desktops; Features: The solution equips enterprises to experience exceptional HD video meetings, and achieve greater operational productivity, without any investment in hardware and infrastructure. Supports multiple audio and video sharing, whiteboard capabilities, file sharing / desktop sharing and recording


Avaya Scopia® Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Lays the foundation for powerful, scaleable, and interoperable multi-party video Collaboration

Avaya Scopia® XT Video Conferencing

An easy, intuitive user interface gets people joining video calls, controlling the calls, and using collaboration features quickly


Cisco Meeting Server

Cisco Meeting Server offers rich meeting experiences, extensive scale, and advanced interoperability

Cisco TelePresence Conductor

Provides a simple, natural meeting experience through intuitive video conference configuration and scaling

Cisco TelePresence Server

It works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, and Cisco TelePresence Conductor

Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch

The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch is an affordable purpose-built appliance that offers superior scalability and is easy to install

Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 Series

Stackable MCU appliance, now enabling customers to expand entry-level configurations through a unique combination of software port licenses and the ability to connect a second unit through a stacking cable

Cisco TelePresence MCU 4501 Series

Provides a low-risk, cost-effective path to 1080p HD multipoint video conferencing

Cisco TelePresence MCU MSE Series

Designed for the mission-critical communication needs of large enterprises

Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500 Series

Compatible with all major vendors’ endpoints, each model maintains its capacity and performance in every configuration, providing an optimal experience for each participant, every time


Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 Series

High-capacity, voice and videoconferencing media services engines

Cisco TelePresence Exchange System

A telepresence service-creation platform, to support new and expanded service options

Cisco WebEx Telepresence

Affordable, reliable, and highly secure video collaboration experience delivered through the cloud

Cohesive Technologies

GVC 3200

Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Pro cloud platform; third-party SIP platforms; Android apps (Skype, Hangouts, etc); video conference bridge (extension on IP PBX); Android and SIP; and bridge Android video conferences with any SIP platform


End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution

Featuring HD, security, stability, interoperability, and large capacity, this series engages participants with vivid, seamless communications

InterCall (West Corporation).

InterCall Unified Meeting 5

Makes meetings convenient and easy to manage, putting you in complete control of your meeting including scheduling, managing and securing your meetings


Icon 400

Designed to bring the power of video conferencing to small meeting spaces

Icon 600

Ideal for large meeting spaces because it supports multiple displays, cameras and microphone inputs and is easy for everyone in your organization to use

Icon 800

Ideal for expansive meeting spaces and allows you to connect multiple devices (cameras, mics, laptops, etc.) while still delivering an immersive high quality video conferencing experience

Icon Flex

Brings high quality video, audio and support to your collaboration application when being used in the meeting room

Magor Corp.

The Aerus platform

Magor called for a different architectural approach that removes the limitations of traditional single-workflow video conferencing systems – one with the flexibility to adapt to different workflows as users move from one task to another


The development of a completely new user-centric platform has provided the enterprise the freedom to rethink traditional strategies for scalability, interoperability, security and information sharing– resulting in significant technical benefits for deployment and support


Aerus is a natural evolution of their platform to the cloud in delivering video interactions to the enterprise as a service, with all the capabilities necessary to fulfill the promise of new modes for productivity at lower cost


Online Meetings

With one-click screen sharing and real-time note taking, everyone is in sync and knows what they need to know

Mitel Networks

MiVoice Conference

16 built-in microphones and superior audio quality plus the ability to seamlessly share ideas and files with in-room presentation display capabilities. This includes exceptional Features like Embedded Picsel SmartOffice to view and modify PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files directly via the MiVoice Conference Phone’s display, One button selection to collaboration services - including Mitel MiCollab, Join. me, and WebEx., Direct access to Cloud-based services - such as, Google Docs, Box, and Dropbox. USB (2.0) and Micro SD card slots for direct file access; Unifies business critical conferencing and collaboration applications into a single, integrated solution that promotes user agility and collaboration. Provides Encoding to G.729. concurrent audio up to 500 users

Panasonic India  


User­-friendly through a remote that includes multiple functions used to control operation of the system. Moreover, it is useful in creating an unbreakable online connection among multiple users


Blessed with latest technology and quality components like a high-definition camera, high-frequency speakers, quality wires, and easy attachments to connect the device with projector for online communication among remote people


Made up of optimum material and high-definition technical components, this product is a good choice to establish an online connection for face-to-face communication between multiple sites

HD VisualCommunication Multi-Point Connection

An ideal option for videoconferencing conducted amidst the 8 to 12, and from 12 to 16 sites.

HD VisualCommunication Mobile

A quality application designed for video conferencing using Android-enabled mobiles and computer systems



Pexip Infinity automatically connects and transcodes almost all legacy and current codecs, such as H.323, SIP, H.263, H.264 SVC, RTV, VP8, VP9, and RDP for video, and a similarly long list for audio


Polycom Real Presence Solutions

Range of solutions from Huddle rooms to Board rooms for voice, video, and content.
Solution capable of full high-definition at 60 fps video and content; extremely sleek form factor; H.264 HP and SVC video standards
Highly scalable and resilient infrastructure solutions such as MCU with 120 full-HD port capacity, recording solution with 40 concurrent recording capacity, call control server with capability to handle up to 5000 calls

Progility Technologies

Polycom Real Presence Solutions

Range of Solutions from Huddle rooms to Board rooms for voice, video and content.

Solution capable of Full High definition at 60 fps video and content; extremely sleek form factor; H.264 HP and SVC video standards.

Highly scalable and resilience infrastructure solutions such as MCU with 120 Full HD port capacity, recording solution with 40 concurrent recording capacity, call control server with capability to handle up to 5000 calls


GT Mini 3330

Systems for small, medium, large, and very large rooms; high-definition video

Group Telepresence 3351

Secured and authenticated certificate-based encryption, TLS and HTTPS


VidyoDesktop™ and VidyoDesktop VE

Extends high-quality video conferencing to Windows, Mac and Linux computers, allowing users on these systems to participate at their office, from home, or on the road

ZTE Corporation

ZXV10 T100w Software Client

An intelligent software program, can turn your personal computer into a powerful visual communication device enabling face-to-face virtual meetings and online collaboration

T700 Series

T700, a brand new video conferencing system with an integrated PTZ camera is easy to deploy in any working environment to create a more natural meeting experience

T700S Series

T700S, a brand new video communications codec terminal is very flexible to deploy in any meeting room and capture anything one can imagine


The T800 is the excellent choice for medium and large industry users and business users requiring high-level videoconferencing

M900 Series

The main features of ZTE M900 include the use of industry wide standard protocols and functions such as H.323 and SIP, H.264 HP, IVVR, web monitoring, continuous presence, H.460 firewall traversal (optional), H.235 encryption, H.239 dual streaming, multiple conference support and flexible screen layout options


The ZTE V90ZS is a full high-definition, high resolution, color video camera, with a 1/2.5 inch, 2.7 million effective pixels HD CMOS image sensor, and exclusive binning, image effects


Supports POE and built-in speaker to provide human voice prompt while the interfaces are anti-loosening designed to prevent accident disconnection.




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