Data and Voice Cables

Category 6 UTP Cables, Enhanced Category 5e UTP Cables, and Category 5e UTP Cables


Fiber Plug-and-Play

Include fiber connectors, patch cords, raceways, and panels featuring integrated cable management and bend radius protection

Structured Cabling

Integrated portfolio of high-performance copper and fiber cable, connectivity and cable management solutions

Twisted Pair Cable

Offers Category 5e, 6, and 6a performance twisted pair cable assemblies, as well as Madison Cable brand InfiniTwist high speed twisted pair cables

RF Cable Assemblies

Selection of cable assemblies range from simple jumpers to power and high-speed data cables to complex harnesses

Finolex Cables


Designed to provide a no-risk cabling system with ample headroom that not only meets but exceeds industry requirements. It seamlessly merges every aspect of complete
cabling system from connectors to cable to wallplates to patch panels and accessories



Includes copper (Cat 6A, Cat 6, and Cat 5e), fiber optic, and Wi-Fi solutions, as well as enclosures. It is designed for optimal management of cables and patch cords and is easy to assemble and dismantle. The RJ45 sockets integrate seamlessly into various range of wiring devices – Arteor, Myrius, and Mylinc


Data Centre Solutions, DTS
LAN SolutionS, Copper(PowerCat 7A, PowerCat 6A, PowerCat 6, Shielded, and Unshielding Cabling,
UTP/FTP), Optical Fibre LAN, Fibre Plug and Play
Solutions, and MIIM
Intelligent Cabling Systems

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions has designed and manufactured UTP, FTP, and optical fiber LAN cabling products that support the transmission of voice, data, and
video imaging signals. As an example of our commitment to quality and innovation, Molex MPN structured cabling solutions are supported by a global 25-year product, system performance and application assurance warranty, when installed as a certified system by a certified installer


Copper and Fiber Solutions

Includes Category 6A copper cabling, Cat 7A , shielded copper cables, patching systems , and LANsense Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)


Fiber Systems

Includes fiber optic cable, connectors, adapter modules, adapter panels, cassettes,enclosures, patch cords, cable assemblies, cable distribution products and accessories for both singlemode and multimode applications. Together, these
components provide complete solutions for today’s high data rate fiber channel and Ethernet applications, and support future readiness for 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s data rates, maximizing physical infrastructure performance, modularity, and scalability


Complete range of
structured cabling

Offering high-performance copper and fiber-optic cables and components. With a high level of product quality and innovative, forward-looking system design, the company
ensures that networks are future-proof and investments secure for the long term

Rosenberger Electronic

OSI Product Range

Fiber optic connecting systems from the universal standard connector LC, Laser CONNECT, fiber optic patch cables, device connection cables and fiber optic housings, as well as the Data-Center-Rack, cable management system as well as a
comprehensive range of accessories and tools

Savitri Telecom

Fiber Connector, Splices, and Adapters; Fiber Splice Sleeves; CAT6 / CAT5e Cables; Fiber Optic Ribbon Construction Tape; Optical Fiber Joint Enclouser; Fiber Termination Box; FDF/FMS/FDMS; Patch Panels; Digital Distribution Frames (DDF) with DDF panels; LIU; Optical Cleaning Kit; Optical Cleaning Stic; PVC Ducts; Mdeia Convertors


Solutions -Converge IT

Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings-Converge IT is a converged, IP-based intelligent building cabling system using a single, simplified structured cabling infrastructure for a smarter, greener building

Copper Cabling Solns

Cat 7A, Cat 6A, Cat 6, Cat 5E and high-speed interconnects

Fiber Optic Systems

Family of high-performance fiber optic products

Cable Management

Racks & Enclosures, RouteIT, Cabinets, etc.

Teknon Corporation

Optical Fiber Cable

Hassle-free easy-to-deploy zero-maintenance cost-effective solutions


Sterlite Technologies


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Mimo india


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