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ABS India

Offers comprehensive range of solutions for large enterprises & SMB space with leading OEM technologies being integrated to suit enterprise requirements and environment


Chassis Switches

OmniSwitch 6350

24-port and 48-port models with GigE RJ45 access and up to 4 GigE SFP uplinks 10port models with GigE RJ45 access and 2 GigE RJ45/SFP combo uplink ports.

OmniSwitch 6450

Two fixed small form factor pluggable(SFP+) 10-G interfaces (X models) and 10G-ready interfaces (non-X models) for 24/48 port models

OmniSwitch 6560

24-port and 48-port, Power over Ethernet (PoE), non-PoE for fixed small form factor pluggable (SFP+) 10-G-ready interfaces

Fixed Switches

OmniSwitch 6450

An easy-to-manage edge solution for highly available, secure, and eco-friendly campus networks running many devices.

OmniSwitch 6560

With multigigabit ports for high-speed IEEE 802.1ac devices, 10GigE uplinks, and 20 GigE stacking.

OmniSwitch 6860

Designed for the most demanding converged networks: high-density, Unified Access switches with Smart Analytics in a compact form factor.

OmniSwitch 6900

Advanced L3 routing: VRF, Multicast, IPv4 and IPv6; Data center deployment with lossless ethernet, FC connectivity, and VXLAN gateway in the hardware.

OmniSwitch 6350

Its network capabilities include advanced security, quality of service – and like all our enterprise switches, they are simple to deploy, configure, and manage.

Hardened Switches


OmniSwitch 6855

Built for use in industrial locations, these switches offer excellent performance and reliability in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

OmniSwitch 6865

Industrial-grade, highly secure, intelligent switches for superior performance in mission-critical applications running in harsh environments or extreme temperature


7050X Series

A range of 1 and 2RU purpose built 10/40GbE switches with wire speed layer 2/3/4 performance combined with low latency and advanced features for software driven cloud networking, big data, cloud, virtualized and traditional deployments.

7300X Series

A modular systems for high-density 10GbE and 40GbE with up to 512 ports of 40G available in a choice of three systems each with reversible airflow. Ideal for building leaf/spine or Spline data center networks.

7280R Series

Designed for next-generation IP storage, content delivery, leaf and spine networks and data center interconnect the 7280R series fixed configuration switches combine dynamic and deep buffering for lossless forwarding with high-density, internet scale table sizes, and comprehensive L2 and L3 features.

7280E Series

Improve performance of bandwidth intensive applications found in high performance storage or streaming video; Wire speed VXLAN expanding next-generation virtualized datacenters.

7250X Series

Standards based protocol (OSPF, BGP); eliminates L2 for exceptional scalability and fault tolerance

7150 Series

Ultra low latency 1RU platform providing a unique combination of performance, advanced features, and a balanced set of resources for low latency financial markets,
HPC clusters, and virtualized data centers.

7160 Series

It can be deployed in a wide range of open networking solutions including largescale layer 2 and layer 3 cloud designs, overlay networks, virtualized or traditional enterprise data center networks.

7060X Series

Support a flexible combination of speeds including 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G in compact form factors that allow customers to design networks to accommodate the myriad different applications and east–west traffic patterns found in modern data centers whilst providing investment protection.

7050X Series

Provide flexible options for scalable two-tier network designs and incorporate traffic control, monitoring, and provisioning features that support ease of use.

7020R Series

Expands the portfolio of Arista fixed and modular deep buffer systems with a highperformance and power efficient solution.

7010 Series

Offers a purpose built high-performance and power efficient solution for high-density data center deployments.


Virtual Services Platform
9000 Series

Hardened and resilient for maximum availability; evergreen application performance.

Virtual Services Platform
8600 Series

One platform, multiple solutions; right-sized for today’s networks; lowers the barriers to entry.

Virtual Services Platform
8000 Series

Deliver more of what your business needs; reduce costs, from day one; end the network waiting game.

Virtual Services Platform
7200 Series

Maximize application performance.

Virtual Services Platform
4000 Series

Edge device for fabrics, multiple services, and multiple tenants.

Ethernet Routing Switch
5000 Series

Premium stackable chassis for the network edge.

Ethernet Routing Switch
4000 Series

Intelligent stacking for the network edge.

Ethernet Routing Switch
3000 Series

Enterprise-class features for small to midsize businesses.


LAN Access Switches

Catalyst 9300 Series

Top fixed-access enterprise network switch series, stacking to 480 Gbps.

Catalyst 9400 Series

Cisco’s leading modular-access switches for enterprise, the 9400 Series supports up to 9 Tbps.

Campus LAN Switches - Compact

Catalyst 3560-CX Series

Extend deployments outside the wiring closet with small, flexible switches.

LAN Core and Distribution Switches

Catalyst 9500 Series

Fixed-core 40-Gbps switch for the enterprise.

Catalyst 6800 Series

Optimized for 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet services.

Catalyst 6500 Series

Deliver comprehensive network services, performance, and scale, optimized for your campus core and distribution network.

Data Center Switches

Nexus 9000 Series

Delivers proven high-performance and density, low latency, and exceptional power efficiency in a broad range of compact form factors.

Nexus 7000 Series

Deliver a comprehensive NX-OS feature set, with high-density 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit ethernet with application-awareness and comprehensive performance analytics for
the data center.

Service Provider Switches


Nexus 9000

Delivers proven high performance and density, low latency, and exceptional power efficiency in a broad range of compact form factors.

Nexus 7000

Deliver a comprehensive NX-OS feature set, with high-density 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet with application-awareness and comprehensive performance analytics for
the data center.

Nexus 5000

Designed to deliver high-density top-of-rack (ToR) Layer 2 and Layer 3, 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet with unified ports in compact one-, two-, and four-rack-unit form factors.

Industrial Ethernet

Deploy scalable and secure switching in your industrial network.

Virtual Networking

Get secure multitenant services for your data center network.

Small Business Switches

The company offers an ideal combination of features and affordability for growing businesses.


Chassis Switches

Networking C9000 Series

C9010 is a centrally managed, highly scalable modular switch for enterprise campus and mid-market data center networks

Web-Managed Switches

Networking X-Series

Easily deploy and manage smaller networks or remote/branch offices with limited IT staff.

Managed Campus

Dell EMC Networking
N1100 Series

Fully managed Layer 2 switching with Open Networking capabilities for third-party OS support.

Dell Networking N1500
Series Switches

Upgrade aging 10/100 access networks with GbE Layer 3 Lite managed switches that support PoE+, 10GbE uplinks, and 4-unit stacking.

Data Center Switches

Networking S Series 10gbe

Designed for flexibility and high performance for today’s demanding modern workloads and applications.

Networking S Series

Designed for architectural agility and flexibility to help data centers smoothly migrate to a software-defined data center.

Fiber Channel SAN Switches

Brocade 300

24-port, 8Gb/s Fiber Channel switch.

Brocade 6500 Series

Optimize storage performance for increasing server virtualization density with Brocade Gen 5 16 Gbps Fiber Channel rack and blade switches or Gen 6 32 Gbps fiber channel rack switch.

Brocade DCX 8510

Enhance scale-out network design for high-performance virtualization and I/Ointensive applications with the Brocade DCX 8510 Backbone.

High-Performance Computing Switches

Mellanox InfiniBand FDR

Enable multiple subnets with Mellanox InfiniBand switch devices that provide up to 56Gb/s full bidirectional bandwidth per port.

Mellanox Infiniband EDR

Deploy low-latency, high-performance, large-scale IB fabrics with unlimited scalability.


Fully Managed Switches


A series of access Layer 3 gigabit ethernet switch designed for enterprise and carrier networks.


24 Port Gigabit Access Layer 3 switch with 4 SFP Uplink ports


24 port SFP switch including 12 combo (SFP/Copper) ports with 4 optional 10G uplink ports


24 port Gigabit Access Layer 3 switch series with 2 SFP+ ports & 1 Expansion slot supporting 2 SFP+ ports.


24 port Layer 2 Managed switch with 4 Gigabit Combo ports (RJ45/SFP)


8 port Fast Ethernet Layer 2 Managed switch with 2 Gigabit combo ports (RJ45/SFP)

Lite/ Smart Managed Switches


50 Port Gigabit ethernet managed switch including 4 Gigabit Combo ports


L2 managed gigabit ehernet PoE switch


DG-GS1510HPL is lite managed switch designed for PoE


24 Port Gigabit ethernet layer 2 web managed switch with 4 Gigabit SFP ports


24 Port Gigabit ethernet layer 2 web managed PoE+ switch with 4 Gigabit SFP ports


24 Port fast ethernet layer 2 web managed PoE+ switch with 2 Gigabit combo ports

Switching Accessories


4 Port rack-mountable redundant power supply

Industrial Switches


L2-managed din-rail industrial ethernet switch

Unmanaged Switches


A fast ethernet PoE unmanaged switch designed to enhance network performance in a compact form factor

DG-FS1008DG H/W Ver. C1

8 Port 10/100mbps fast ethernet green switch

Chassis Switches


10-slot Layer 3 chassis switch


4-slot Layer 3 chassis switch


High-density 48 port 10Gb Ethernet L2 switch


Keygoe Multimedia

Single solution of all kinds of communication requirement; supports ISDN, SS7,Sigtran, VoIP, H323, FAX, video in a single platform and reduces total cost of ownership


Unmanaged Switch Series:

Plug and Play connectivity for small business; Green Ethernet, fast Ethernet and PoE models available; Ideal for small networks that share resources; PoE series special for surveillance solution with high power budget

Smart Switch Series:
DES/DGS-1100; DES/DGS-1210

Benefits of managed switch without complexity or cost; Ease of configuration through web based management interface; SFP ports for multimode or singlemode fiber connectivity ACL secures network; Supports AutoVoice VLAN & Auto
Surveillance VLAN

Managed Smart Pro:
DGS-1510- 28/28P/52

Gigabit stackable SmartPro switches with 10G uplinks; Static and inter vlan routing ; Manageability to stop loops in Unmanaged network; Automatically detect surveillance data and put in separate Vlan with high priority for uninterrupted quality video; ROI by saving huge power using right blend of D-Link Green Ethernet and IEEE energy efficient Ethernet; PoE+ support with highest PoE budget (193 W) and Time
based PoE; Outstanding performance with wire-speed IPv6 switching; Layer 3 Traffic Management

Managed L2 Gigabit Series:DGS-3120-24/48(TC/PC/SC) Managed L2+ Series:

10GbE Built-in Stacking ports with 40Gb Stacking BW; IPv6 ready; QoS, traffic shaping & L2 multicasting with SI & EI Physical stacking upto 576; SD card slots for store & restore configuration files; QoS, security, optional redundant power supply


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