OSS BSS Solutions




Amdocs (alongwith SAP)

OSS Suite

Delivers resource inventory, Faster network rollout, Automated service fulfilment, and comprehensive customer network experience capabilities


A Comprehensive Solution

BSS offerings are focused on customer experience, customer analytics , digital marketing, data monetization, and marketing managed services; sales force operations, product/customer and order management, intelligent command center powered by analytics, BSS for partners and billing

Enables CSPs to transform and integrate capabilities in all their core processes: network planning, network deployment, inventory and data management, integrated real-time order management, provisioning and activation, device management, customer experience management, proactive and reactive assurance, and workforce management. In addition, Accenture is helping CSPs in exploiting the potential of network transformation, through a comprehensive approach for network cloud configuration and orchestration, network/OSS analytics, and OSS for digital

Aria Systems

The Agility Platform for Monetizing Business Innovation

Manages the monetization process across new digital businesses, including Process Management, Revenue Analytics, Integration-Ready APIs, Active Orchestration, Line of business empowerment, enterprise-grade scalability & security, and rapid time to value


CRM Plus

Optimised for telecoms services.  CRM Plus is specifically designed to manage the business processes of a communications services provider


Smart BSS

Complete pre-integrated solution that enables communication service providers to comprehensively manage processes like Request-to-Answer, Order-to-Payment, Usage-to-Payment, Request-to-Change, Termination-to-Confirmation and Problem- / Complaint-to-Solution, via Customer Management and Self Care applications

CSG International

Ascendon Digital Commerce Platform

Transforms customer interactions and expands commercial models for digital services. Delivers digital service operations in the cloud, to complement your existing infrastructure

Revenue Management

Offers insights and solutions that optimize operations, workflow, and efficiency so that one never miss an opportunity to maximize their profit margins

Customer Interaction Management

Each component of this suite works with the others to create a consistently satisfying customer experience that improves customer retention while managing costs.



Offers all the tools an operator needs to make sure their customers are getting the quality and service they are paying for

Billing & Revenue Management

Agile convergent billing and revenue management solutions solve billing and charging challenges, with the functionality one need to increase both revenues and customers in the networked society.

CDMA Operations, Administration and Maintenance

To ensure the high performance and operational efficiency of the Ericsson CDMA network, Ericsson supports a robust CDMA Operations, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) architecture that provide a full suite of network management tools and controls

Customer Relationship Management

Provides a holistic, transparent 360-degree view of the customer, allowing operators to more easily differentiate themselves through the customer interaction experiences they provide in the areas of customer care, marketing and sales.

Data Centric Security

Offers an industrialized Data Centric Security portfolio through its partnership with Guardtime


Designed to streamline and simplify offer creation and automate fulfillment processes

Network and Cloud Management

Networks are changing and so is the way one manage them. Ericsson’s strategy for managing information and technology in telecom operators’ converged ICT networks are realized with a new generation of management systems

Plan Build Optimize

Achieve faster network builds, optimize the network, and profit from accurate data

User Data Management

Offering subscription handling for all the processes related to the privacy, authentication, authorization and mobility management of end users in mobile and converged networks

Global Convergence Solutions

Next-generation OSS & BSS Solution

The solution provides real-time tools that improve Supplier/Vendor Management, Bi-Lateral & Peering Management, CDR Rating & Reporting, Dynamic Routing Policy Engine, Revenue Assurance & Credit Management and Analytics & QoS


OSS Super-Suite

OSS Orchestration solutions

OSS Assurance and Fulfillment solutions

Hitachi Data Systems

Creates a big data solution based on its framework

Based on this, it builds a Visualisation Platform,  Customisable Analytics, Applications, Intelligent Middleware, Live Analytics and Data Processing Engine, Historical Analytic Database


BSS Managed Service Solution

Encompasses OCS/CBS Managed Service solution, Contact Center Operation Solution, Total Telecom IT Managed Service Solution, BSS/OSS Transformation Solution, Business process reengineering, BSS/OSS data management, and BSS/OSS IT architecture management


BSS/OSS Solution

Enables service providers improve time to revenue, handles virtually any service, any network and any payment type, and provides a key tool that enables operators to reach business transformation objectives on a unified infrastructure

acquired by NEC


Customer Experience,  Operational Processes, Business Model Innovation, and Ecosystem Enablement


Communications Unified CRM and BRM

Maximize customer value via unified customer lifecycle management, personalized interactions, and extreme business flexibility to meet ever-changing market demands.


Real-Time Monetization

Revenue Management - Launch and drive revenue with innovative products and services quickly and cost-effectively no matter the type of service, customer or business mode

4G Monetization - Go beyond a flat rate pricing plan and drive profitability by adding a deeper level of sophistication for protecting and monetizing network investments

Cloud Solutions - Launch a new brand, create a new line of business or virtualize existing infrastructure faster with Redknee’s cloud solutions

Marketing Solutions - Use real-time, interactive business and subscriber analytics to quickly define and launch targeted, differentiated campaigns via multiple channels

Customer Experience - Empower the entire customer lifecycle with seamless transitions between retail and web in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction while reducing marketing and support costs

Sigma Systems

Catalog, CPQ and Order Management

Catalog driven with catalog 3.0 architecture, which completes the evolution of the BSS/OSS stack. Like Catalog 2.0, there is a central product, service and resource catalog that masters all of the data – but there are two important differences. The first is that the central catalog now has a high performance API layer that can be used by other applications to obtain catalog data required at runtime. The second difference is that the other applications no longer have their own catalogs embedded in them – they reach out to the central catalog at runtime to get the data they need to do their job


A Revenue Operations Center

A centralized approach that sustains profitable growth and financial health through coordinated operational control. Subex’s product portfolio powers the ROC and solutions such as revenue assurance, fraud management, asset assurance, capacity management, data integrity management, credit risk management, cost management, route optimisation and partner settlement

Tech Mahindra

End-to-end BSS/OSS domain with System Integration and Support Services

Comptel and Tech Mahindra have a Centre of Excellence to guide telcos’ OSS/BSS transformations


B/OSS Engineering Services

Includes EMS/NMS engineering, NMS analytics, Customer analytics, B/OSS application scaling for Big Data solutions, M2M device management and Cloudification of B/OSS applications

Xalted Information Systems

OSS/BSS Solutions

Converged Mediation Solution

Service Provisioning and Service Fulfillment solution

Inter-operator Administration and Accounting solution (Inter Connect Billing Solution)

Convergent Retail Billing Solution


OSS Tools

Simplified network design, deployment & operation


Intelligent OSS

Products include NetNumenTM U31(CN) Unified OSS Platform and ZXUN NetBAS Network Business Analysis System


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