Gilat Satellite Networks

VSAT Systems

SkyEdge II-c- High-performance, integrated hub system enables operators to deliver a wide range of next-generation, high-speed services, from Consumer and Enterprise to IP Trunking, Mobility and Backhau

 X-Architecture-Distributed VSAT ground segment architecture based on Software Defined Networking (SDN), addressing current and future needs with one platform that supports both fixed and mobility SATCOM applications

SkyEdge II-Offers a high-performance, cost-effective way to deliver the communications services that enterprises, carriers, service providers and governments require

CellEdge-Tightly integrated small cell and VSAT; Rapid deployment; Optimized for satellite backhaul; 2G, 3G and 4G capabilities

Harris CapRock

Advanced VSAT Solutions

Dynamically reassigns satellite capacity on demand by leveraging dynamic network architecture to meet operational requirements for true bandwidth-on-demand, higher link availability, rapid implementation and improved connection quality

Hughes Network Systems

Hermes 1C

Hermes is an all integrated shared & smart intelligent platform that shrinks four devices into one. It is a plug-and-play device packaged within  a 1U form factor, making it extremely easy to install and use. Hermes combines the powerful features of Hughes dual LAN satellite routers, with the versatile capabilities of modern day processors

Hermes has in-built acceleration software that ensures optimized performance for broad range of end users. Network acceleration helps in improving the end user experience through byte level caching, compression, spoofing and traffic prioritization. Hermes acceleration solution is built around the latest WAN acceleration software

HN9460 Satellite RouterIPv6/IPv4 Ready

Fully compliant with the industry-leading IPoS standard; a powerful satellite router featuring high performance on both the DVB-S2/ACM forward channel as well as the adaptive LDPC coding return channel

HX90Broadband Satellite Router

A high-throughput capable and highly scalable satellite router that enables operators to provide cost-effective satellite broadband services over Ku- and Ka-band networks


VSAT Offering

Includes  guaranteed upgrade path to Global Xpress and the option to integrate FleetBroadband for outstanding quality, reliability and coverage

KVH Industries

Satellite Communication Services 

Mini-VSAT Broadband Airtime Plans- Easy-to-use tools for bandwidth management, data allocation, and network configuration

Mini-VSAT Broadband Flex Airtime Plans-Open-Flex and Metered-Flex Rate Plans for the ultimate flexibility


Antenna Systems

Porfolio of over 100 gateway systems for the most advanced satellite communication networks in the world. Installation includes thousands of limited motion antenna systems and over 550 full-motion antennas and has delivered more than 1,000 terminals that are used for airborne broadband applications

High-Capacity Satellite System

ViaSat-1- With 140 Gbps total throughput capacity, the satellite is serving the accelerating growth in bandwidth demand for multimedia internet access over the next decade

ViaSat-2- High-capacity coverage worldwide for fixed broadband and mobility services for aviation and maritime

 ViaSat-3-  Ultra-high capacity satellite platform is comprised of three ViaSat-3 class satellites and ground network infrastructure

VT iDirect


iDirect Evolution-Product line is for network operators to meet a broad range of customer requirements from narrowband to demanding high-bandwidth applications across all markets

iDirect Velocity-Builds on the capabilities of Evolution for greatly expanded scale. It is specifically for operators of High Throughput Satellites deploying managed services

Cambium Networks

Connectivity Solutions

Enable network operators to tailor wireless networking options to meet immediate needs and scale as they grow

Comtech Telecommunications

Telecommunications Satellite Terminals

SNAP 1.2M Lite-Field-upgradeable to Ka or X-band with a swap of the feed boom assembly, rapid deployment, ease of use, and suitability for harsh operating environments

SNAP 2.0M- Four modem capable and interfaces with the SNAP Rack/Stack Baseband and the SNAP Embedded Baseband network packages

Ultra- Terminal operates in X, Ku, Ka, and Q-bands in both land and maritime environments with tool-less set-up

Inclined Tracking Terminal-Inclined tracking terminal is the lowest cost SATCOM solution available today

Microsat-Three available terminal options, .45M, .65M, and .95M, are Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) certifiable and designed to stringent MIL-STD-810F tactical requirements

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC)

Satellite Connectivity

Connectivity in the most remote locations. Access to unequaled buying power for the best value, on any frequency band including Ku-band, Ka-band, C-band, X-band, L-band and Global and multi-band


VSATs Product

Offers a comprehensive range of products for use in all earth station applications, whether fixed, vehicle based or flyaway


VSATs Solutions

Offers a full mission solution, based on port-folio of subsystems and extensive know-how

Imtech Marine

VSATs Solutions

Cost effective and always-on broadband communication solution that utilises the proven iDirect Evolution platform

Mitsubishi Electric

Access and Backbone Systems

Systems for optical networks as well as a variety of offerings for satellite communications systems

ND Satcom

Communication Systems

Supplier of innovative satellite communication systems to support customers with critical operations anywhere in the world


Satellite Communication Equipment

Equipment and technologies for broadcast, government and defense, IP trunking and consumer and enterprise VSAT

Norsat International

Satellite Terminals

Offers a comprehensive portfolio of high performance customizable fly-away terminals and accessories to meet the needs of military, broadcast and corporate customers


VSAT Communications

Specializes in marine networks and mobile VSAT communications. Ranging from programming code, RF engineering, satellite technology, AV system design to advanced networks skills


Satellite Terminals

 VSATPlus family of satellite terminals offers a full mesh, hubless network with no single point of failure and offers the greatest ease of network configuration and expansion


Satellite Equipment

Delivers satellite equipment required to compete in today’s marketplace, with customized communications solutions that are not available from any other vendor


Satellite Technology

Advanced technology for government, university and commercial use


VSAT Solutions

Delivers single point-of-contact for end-to-end IT networking solutions through specialists in VSAT, wireless networking and product solutions




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