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FTTH Solutions

A full portfolio of solutions that deliver ultra-flexible, high-capacity, deep-fiber solutions

10 Gigabit PON

Enables the convergence of 1 Gigabit services commonly deployed for FTTH rollouts with higher-bandwidth 10 Gigabit services compliant with the emerging NG-PON2, XGS-PON, and 10G-EPON standards

Passive Optical Networks (PON)

Leverages scarce fiber from the CO by splitting the fiber with an optical splitter to serve up to 128 subscribers

Point to Point/Active

Supports a dedicated fiber between the CO and the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) at each subscriber location

Ultra BB solutions

Enables service providers to evolve service delivery architectures from basic broadband to FTTN/Cab to FTTH with a simple card swap. Additionally, there are Small-Form-Factor (SFF) or Outside Plant (OSP) DSLAMs which provide the lowest cost of ownership when delivering video services access

200 - 1000Mbps FTTdp/FTTB service launched <150m from the customer with 8 and 16-port units available


75 - 200Mbps FTTx service launched <600m from customer with 8 and 48-port units available


Allows service providers to utilize existing copper infrastructure to cost-effectively deliver ultra-broadband (100+ Mbps) and IPTV services to subscribers in all areas. These temperature-hardened FTTN DSLAMs, offer flexible deployment and powering options, allowing for faster rollout of services at lower cost of ownership

401 Micro FTTH

Enables carriers to compete more cost-effectively while expanding broadband services to un-served and underserved areas

508VP MDU GPON Outdoor ONU

Deep fiber deployments to the curb, building, home or distribution point, Multidwelling Unit (MDU), and other applications where advanced services are required for a small number of subscribers

508G DPU DC Power Variant

8 port vectored unit that allows service providers to realize ultra-fast broadband approaching Gigabit speeds over existing copper infrastructure

516G ONU DC Power Variant

16 port vectored unit that allows service providers to realize ultra-fast broadband approaching Gigabit speeds over existing copper infrastructure


OLT MODEL - 4000

Large Deployment, High Availability, ETSI


Large Deployment, High Availability, ANSI

OLT MODEL - 4200

Compact/Modular Deployments

ONT MODEL - 1530


ONT MODEL - 1534

All-in-one Home Gateway


Broadband Drop Amplifier BDA100

Two-way, 1 GHz amplifier designed for customer premises amplification. These amplifiers can be used to compensate for long drops and excessive splitting losses.

Pace HLP 4800 Broadband Platform

A modular design and built-in communications interfaces. It provides operators with the infrastructure to meet emerging broadband network requirements.



Gigabit products that extend your access network into and throughout the home. GigaFamily products support GPON, Active Ethernet,, XGS-PON, and NGPON-2 broadband technologies

Calix P-Series

Portfolio of innovative, standards-based fiber premises devices for residential and business services

10G Giga Hub

Access now features NG-PON2 and XGS-PON. New GigaHubs feature NG-PON2 and XGS-PON options enabling you to deliver up to 10G speeds


Software licenses and

Delivers Broadband Aggregation capabilities on a comprehensive set of routers and software to meet a variety of network requirements - from WiFi hot-spots to carrier-grade aggregation - for  Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Cable subscribers. This portfolio enables Service Providers to cost-effectively deploy broadband services across a variety of access technologies, including Cable, DSL, Ethernet, WiFi, and mobile networks. Cisco IOS Software solutions provide access-independent service selection, as well as subscriber and service management functionality that is widely deployed on broadband networks.




Dual-Band 11AC 750 Mbps ADSL2+ Router; Connect to USB Storage and share your pictures, videos, music and more within the network; Firewall and access control options to prevent attacks and restrict access to your network; Quick and easy to establish a fast, secure home network


Internet transmission of up to 24 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream; Wireless N technology is ideal for high-speed wireless connections; Firewall protection, user access control, WPA/WPA2 wireless security, and priority queues


Six AC streaming: MIMO with concurrent Tri-band, up to 3200Mbps; Quick VPN Server: Securing Remote Access from Anywhere; USB 3.0 + USB 2.0, mydlink SharePort & DLNA for excellent media sharing experience

Dasan Networks


4 GPON ports and 8 uplink ports (optical or electrical GE) to provide economic FTTx services to the areas of low population or small size subscribers.

GPON OLT - V8240

A 7 RU height chassis based G-PON OLT system which is comprised of 14 slots for 10 service modular units, 2 uplink modular units, 2 switching fabric units to deliver a wide range of full-featured and high-performance over FTTx applications.


A new generation of GPON OLT from DASAN Networks


MaxTester 635

Rugged design and easy-to-use menus; with the MaxTester 635, the testing process is highly automated and technicians close their jobs quickly a nd efficiently

MaxTester 630

Rugged design and easy-to-use menu make it the ideal tool for installation and repair technicians


E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP)

Support up to 480 dedicated point-to-point GE subscribers or over 10,000 GPON subscribers

E7-2 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP)

Leverages the first standards-based Ethernet kernel built for access, called Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA)


SingleFAN Solution

Broadband access strategy can help operators win in the ultra-broadband era through simplified networking, fast deployment and increasing network

Giga Copper

Based on twisted-pair copper lines. The solution adopts the new-generation DSL access technologies, such as and SuperVector, to deliver copper line access rate of 500–1000 Mbit/s, enabling copper line access to enter the Gigaband era. It helps telecommunication carriers make full use of the existing copper line resources and provide ultra-bandwidth access for subscribers


SI3000 Lumia

Delivers broadband services over fibre and copper, and can be fitted with subscriber-access blades for point-to-point fibre (GE and FE), GPON fibre, VDSL2 (with board- or system-level vectoring), ADSL2+, POTS, two-party POTS, and ISDN.

SI3000 Lumia G8

A compact 1U GPON OLT product dedicated to serve smaller fibre-access deployments with the capacity of up to 1024 GPON users, combined with point-to-point fibre from the same box.


A dedicated, compact cabinet-based DSLAM, tailored to fit FTTB and FTTC scenarios.


Broadband Optical Access Systems

10G-EPON Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GE-PON) systems, which play a central role in broadband services. The need for GE-PON systems is steadily expanding due to high-capacity broadband content, including the increased use of visual services



FTTH system with max 1 Gbps line speed. Maximum 20 km transmission distance. Redundant power supply unit.


Fan unit alarm, and loop back support. Certification – MIC, FCC, VCCI, CE and UL


Up to 44 ports GEPON ports, 32 ONUs connection per OLT port, up to 1408 subscribers per unit, 20 km. Flexible Concentration Ratio by uplink and access modules flexible configuration.


7750 Service Router

High-performance networking which helps you stay ahead of evolving service demands driven by the cloud, LTE/5G, and the Internet of Things

Network Analyzer - Fiber

Deployment of high-bandwidth services over a GPON and NGPON-2 fiber access network

Motive Access Network Analytics

Monetize and derive business value from digital subscriber line (DSL) access network data.

Motive Data Management

Automates broadband services activation, troubleshooting and problem resolution to make customer interactions easy, efficient and effective


2000 A

Offers between 25Mbps to 100 Mbps in a wide range of sub 6GHz unlicensed and licensed bands, while supporting distances of up to 120km / 75miles

2000 D+

Offers between 25Mbps to 750 Mbps in a wide range of sub 6GHz



HF Band, FM Band, VHF and UHF Band


Combiners are used to Combine the signals and transmit to the antenna.


Used to reduce interference

Savitri Telecom Services

TimeSource Enhanced PRTC

Secure and fault tolerant source of time for network synchronization

TimeProvider 1000 & 1100

Extending synchronization to the edge of the network


Premier triple –play access network tester installs and maintains copper and fiber based bonded ADSL/VDSL, IPTV, Microsoft TV, VoIP and data plus legacy networks

OneExpert CATV

Signal analysis meter platform makes every technician an expert by verifying network performance and troubleshooting simpler, faster and more powerful than ever

DSAM-6300 Network Maintenance Sweep Meter with DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS Capabilities

Combines the VIAVI patented Stealth Sweep technology with the best in class combination of full DOCSIS 3.0 testing, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Level Meter and QAM analyzer


Fast 1704N / 2704N

Compact ADSL2+ Wi-Fi residential gateways, optimized for High Speed Internet service

Fast 4310

Compact and powerful Wi-Fi residential gateway, enabling for Double-play services (Internet & IPTV)

Fast 4315

A new generation of ADSL2+/VDSL2 Vectoring WiFi residential gateway, enabling for High Speed Internet service

Fast 5650

New generation of CPE is designed to provide home content redistribution services through HPNA3.1 and superior High Power Wi-Fi n access

Fast 5655

Compact and powerful residential gateway, dedicated to Triple-play G / E PON services



A 7 RU height chassis based G-PON OLT system which is comprised of 14 slots for 10 service modular units, 2 uplink modular units, 2 switching fabric units to deliver a wide range of full-featured and high-performance over FTTx applications


A high-density chassis system that supports up to 4,608 residential and business subscribers with 72 G-PON ports (1:64 split ratio). It also provides simultaneous services of G-PON and Gi gabit Ethernet

MSG10K Plus

A carrier-grade Multi-Service Gateway that combines routing, switching, WLAN gateway and access point controller functionality into a unified high-performance system



Supports GPON/EPON/P2P/XGPON1/10G EPON, provides long reach and wide coverage and outdoor deployment for spare applications such as small enterprises
and rural end users

ZXA10 F832 MDU

Ultra-fast access up to 10 gigabit per second in the FTTB/FTTO scenario. The UNI supports gigabit Ethernet, 10 times faster than fast Ethernet, enabling high speed internet surfing and high quality video distribution, and FXS ports for high definition voice performance


Provides FTTH-like bandwidth


A GPON Optical Network Unit used in an FTTB/FTTO scenario. ZXA10 F821 supports VoIP, data and TDM services access


PMG1006-B Series

GPON SFU with 4-port GbE Switch. Features ITU-T G.984-compliant Gigabitcapable Passive Optical Network (GPON) port and integrates a four-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet switch

OLT2406 Series

2U Temperature-Hardened 6-slot Chassis GPON OLT.  Up to 2K FTTH subscribers with four PON line cards that support four ITU-T G.984 GPON fiber links or four GbE line cards for 16 active non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet fiber links

OLT2412 Series

Supports Dual Stack. By supporting MLD, IGMP as well as other comprehensive IPTV functions, the OLT2412 Series can be deployed in either IPv4 or IPv6 environments. Users can also provision protocol-based VLAN for IPv6 traffic or assign various IPv6 access control list profiles for each subscriber


A GPON optical network unit with 1-port GbE LAN, is a simple fiber home bridge that provides end users with a high-speed performance experience in a cost-effective way


Sterlite,ECI, Fiberhome, Hitachi, OF Networks, PacketFront, Sumitomo, Tilgin, Ubiquoss, and Zhone


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