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IP/MPLS Backhaul

Cell Site: 7705 SAR-M, 7705 SAR-F, 7705 SAR-8, 7210 SAS-D. Aggregation Hub:7705 SAR-8, 7705 SAR-18, 7210 SAS, 7450 ESS, 7710 SR

Broadband Backhaul

Cell Site: 7342 FTTU ONT family, Cell pipe ADSL2+Modem, and 7705 SAR. Aggregation Hub:7302 ISAM, 7330 FTTN ISAM, 7342 FTTU ISAM

Packet Optical Backhaul

Cell Site: Packet Transport: 1850 TSS-3/TSS-5. Aggregation Hub:Packet Transport: 1850 TSS-40/TSS-100 WDM: 1830 PSS

Microwave Backhaul

Cell Site: 9500 MPR, 9500 MPR-e. Aggregation Hub:9500 MXC, 9500 MPR, 9500 MPR-e

Service, Network and Element Management

Aggregation Hub: 5620 SAM, 1350 OMS, 5520 AMS


StrataXGS BCM56450 Series

Advanced OAM functions and hardware-based protection switching enable a highly reliable backhaul network. Carrier Ethernet packet processor delivers line-rate L2 and VLAN switching, L3 routing, MPLS, MPLS-TP and provider backbone bridging (PBB) while supporting L2, L3, MPLS or PBB deployment models


Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

Get more efficient 2G and 3G services with Cisco Mobile Wireless Routers and other RAN optimization solutions.

Cisco ASR 900 Series Aggregation Services Routers

This modular aggregation platform delivers cost-effective converged mobile, residential, and business services.

Cisco ASR 901 Series Aggregation Services Routers

Optimize, aggregate, and transport mixed-generation RAN traffic over T1, E1, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, and IP transport networks

Cisco ASR 920 Series Aggregation Services Routers

This full-featured converged-access platform provides a comprehensive and scalable set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services in a compact package


MINI-LINK Indoor Units

Microwave indoor units for split configurations ranging from compact nodes for cell sites to high density node for aggregation sites and all indoor units for trunk applications

MINI-LINK Outdoor Units

Outdoor units supporting all outdoor and split configurations with Gbps capacities in traditional frequencies (6-42 GHz), V-band 60 GHz, E-band 70/80 GHz, single and dual carrier, Coax and Ethernet interface

Router 6000 Series

An IP access and aggregation portfolio with advanced radio integration and is SDN enabled. The new Router family spans from small cell site routers to larger aggregation routers, optimized for 10G and 100G capacities with best in class functionality and cost-effectiveness


Offers up to 4 Gbps over one antenna and is well suited for Mobile Backhaul



22U; 400G HO/80G LO; Ethernet – FE/GE/10G; SDH – STM-1/STM-4/STM-16/STM-64


7U/2U; 100G HO/20G LO or 80G HO/20G LO; Ethernet – FE/GE/10G Upgrade; OTN/WDM – CWDM/DWDM; SDH – STM-1/STM-4/STM-16/STM-64
1U,; 45G HO / 2.5G; Ethernet – FE/GE; OTN/WDM – CWDM/DWDM; SDH – STM-1/STM-4/STM-1/STM-64 (upgrade)


COE - Mobile Backhaul

Offers complete solutions and professional services to support the stringent requirements for mobile backhaul networks. Connection-oriented Ethernet (COE) is ideally suited for 3G and 4G mobile backhaul network applications. Delivered via our FLASHWAVE Packet Optical Networking Platforms, COE combines the desirable attributes of SONET with the benefits of Ethernet. By choosing a COE solution for backhaul infrastructure, operators get deterministic precision QoS, security, and reliability as well as Layer 2 aggregation, scalable bandwidth and statistical multiplexing



1U; 60G Switch Capacity
3.5U; 220G Switch Capacity


5U/2U; 600G/68G Switch Capacity


2U; 100G Muxponder (10x10G)
6U;  600G Packet/OTN Switching
17U; 6T Packet/OTN Switching
22U;  3.2T Packet/OTN Switching, 640G SONET/SDH XC

Huawei Technologies

Single Backhaul

Delivering features like any-media access, smooth evolution and efficient O&M, the SingleBackhaul solution can help further enhance the network efficiency while reducing TCO


A future-oriented mobile backhaul architecture. Compared with UMTS, LTE hotspots require large number of base stations for deep coverage, and backhaul networks need to be extended to lower network layers to cover indoor/outdoor hotspots and RRUs, forming the fronthaul layer. In addition, part of the RNC functions need to be included in the EPC, and the backhaul networks need also be extended to higher networks, enabling end-to-end OAM in the core layer

E-Band Microwave

Works in high-frequency microwave band (80 GHz); it provides large spectrum to support over 2.5 Gbps ultra high capacity. It can be deployed as the complement to fiber or as kind of LTE high density backhaul network

Nokia Networks

IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul

Extend a seamless and consistent backhaul deployment and operational model to any mobile service, access technology, or network topology

Packet Microwave Mobile Backhaul

Maximize spectral efficiency, increase bandwidth capacity, and bring backhaul connectivity to places where fiber is not feasible

Wireline Mobile Backhaul

Use existing fiber and outside plant copper infrastructure to provide capacity and bandwidth relief as demand grows

Packet Optical Mobile Backhaul

Achieve massive scale with high-density services and support fixed-mobile convergence with integrated Carrier Ethernet switching and WDM capabilities

Professional Services for Mobile Backhaul

Get full value from mobile backhaul deployment by taking advantage of our proven consulting, design, integration, deployment, and optimization services


Point-to-point RADWIN 2000 series (upto 350 Mbps);  long range in PtP;

Point to Multi Point RADWIN 5000 series (upto 250Mbps)

eliminates leased lines charges; low latency; 3-5 ms delay; inbuilt spectrum viewer; better spectrum efficiency

Ultra High Capacity upto 350Mbps in Point to Point, Ultra high capacity upto 250 Mbps per PtMP Sector Base Station; Carrier class; native TDM; MIMO/diversity for better performance in nLOS/NLOS; multi-band radio: 2.3-2.4 GHz, 2.5-2.7 GHz, 3.3-3.8 GHz, and 4.4-6.0 GHz; AES128 encryption; long range up to 120 km; low latency; 3-5 ms delay; inbuilt spectrum viewer; better spectrum efficiency; each series equipped with integrated and connectorized antenna port


ZTE 10G GPON Solution

Offers high-speed services access, leads to an increasing ARPU and competitive advantages. It is well-suited to high-end home, SOHO, SME, mobile backhaul and other high-speed access. ZTE offers E2E 10G PON solution and product series including OLT, CPE, ODN and management systems




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