Cobham Wireless

5800 Series

Multistrategy test system models: 5820 Bench Top; 5830 Rack Mount; 5860 Standalone. A multiconfiguration, multifunctional test system that is designed to meet the ever changing needs of the electronic manufacturing environment

idDAS – Digital Coverage & Traffic Management

Coverage solution that allows operators and infrastructure providers to dynamically move capacity around an area to serve a number of needs

Fiber DAS Systems

Designing and providing fiber optic coverage systems today known as DAS(distributed antenna systems)


Wireless Access Points:

-Wireless N300 single-band PoE access point

• DAP-2230

l Wireless AC1200 concurrent dual-band PoE access point

• DAP-2660

l Wireless PoE outdoor access point

• DAP-2660

l Wireless AC1200 concurrent dual-band outdoor PoE access point

• DAP-3362

l Wireless AC1200 concurrent dual-band outdoor PoE access point

Unified Wireless Points: DWL-2600


Network Manager

A single management solution for all network technologies for mobility and IP. Full network management capabilities – to set up, run, and assure the best network performance. Time to market enablement of network and network management
capabilities. Integrates comprehensive SON capability for network automation. Designed to meet the needs of local and global operators. Automated optimization and advanced troubleshooting for improved network performance. Comprehensive TCO benefits from process automation, upgradability, scalability, usability, administration, energy management, competence re-use, and resource usage


Wireless Network

Based on SingleRAN products and solutions, Huawei proposes its systematic Software Defined Network (SDN) solution. With the realization of SDN architecture, frequency and radio frequency channels, mobile operators can benefit from simplified mobile network deployments, reduced TCO (total cost of operation), and enhanced network efficiency

Solutions include GSM RAN, UMTS RAN, LTE, Small Cell, and SingleOSS

Products include SingleRAN, Small Cell, and SingleOSS

Matrix Telecom


Wireless IP-PBX system supporting voice (IP/GSM/PSTN), data (Router/Switch/Firewall/VPN), Internet (Broadband/USB/3G/4G), and wireless extensions (Android/
iPhone Softphone)



Real-time handheld analyzer for detection, analysis, classification, and localization of RF signals between 9 kHz and 8 GHz. Applicable for mobile and stationary use


Handheld RF interference detection and location with spectrum; real-time IQ analysis; time domain triggering for 100 percent POI down in ns range


The RX series offers features that are particularly useful for radio spectrum monitoring applications: Excellent RF characteristics, analysis in the frequency and time domains, I/Q streaming, demodulation, audio output


Metro Cell Express

Metro Cell Express solves deployment challenges. It gives the speed and agility needed to meet demand for coverage and capacity. With Metro Cell Express, you can deploy metro cells in any environment – outdoors or indoors, urban or rural

Carrier Wi-Fi deployment

Multi-standard femto and metro cells help service providers use integrated Wi-Fi access to increase coverage and capacity across 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Service providers can improve their mobile offers, while keeping costs in check

Small Cell Solutions

Deliver cost-effective capacity and coverage, indoors and outdoors, and are key to network innovation

Flexi Zone

Provides capacity to meet huge data demand cost-efficiently

Flexi Lite Base Station

Full-capacity in a compact micro/pico package

Services for HetNets

Integrating macro and small cells and all technologies (GSM/WCDMA/LTE/Wi-Fi), Heterogeneous Networks are an effective answer to the challenge of booming mobile data

Smart Wi-Fi

Delivers carrier grade wireless access with Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi

Prima Tel


Provides high access to the Internet, up to 150 Mbps downstream and 150 Mbps upstream. Utilizing 802.11 b/g/n wireless technologies, the computers and devices with WiFi functionality



Offers between 25 Mbps and 750Mbps in a wide range of sub 6 GHz unlicensed


Series is a high-capacity PtMP solution with a unique air interface that ensures robust performance in harsh spectrum conditions

WISP applications

Affordable carrier-class wireless broadband solutions that meet the needs of WISPs


Radio Access

Radio Access Solution combines high performance hardware capability and feature-rich software to meet the complex challenges placed on today’s networks. It also places key emphasis on future proofing, providing forward compatibility for future 5G technologies. It comprises of a digital unit and a radio unit.

Small Cells

Comprises Outdoor Micro cell, Enterprise cell and Indoor Home/SOHO cell, and supporting infrastructure such as our Small Cell Gateway (SC-GW) to manage, optimize, and maintain the Small Cell layer of any mobile network

Single RAN

Focuses on infrastructural simplicity and the deliver of consistent 2G and 3G service without compromising the potential of LTE. To accomplish this, with its Multstandard
base station, which presents a common platform for the implementation of any combination of 2G, 3G, and 4G across both the 3GPP and 3GPP2 families of technologies

Savitri Telecom Services

Signaling Analyzer (SART) - Wireless Protocol Test (J7830A)

High-performance wireless test solution for 2, 2.5, 3, and 4G system verification, troubleshooting, and RAN optimization

CellAdvisor Cable and
Antenna Analyzers JD723C, JD724C, JD725C, JD726C

Provides integrated solutions for line sweep measurement, RF / optical power measurements, and fiber inspection, in a lightweight, cloud-enabled instrument ideal for cell site installation


An interference monitoring solution that increases RF visibility by performing continuous monitoring of the mobile spectrum, and allowing remote access to expedite maintenance and problem resolution

Starta Sync

A cloud-based solution that provides asset, configuration, and test data management for VIAVI instruments and ensures all instruments have the latest software and options installed

Timing And Synchronization

Modular Synchronization Systems, Carrier Grade NTP & PTP Grand Masters, Enterprise Network Time Servers, GPS Instruments


Performance, scale, and functional testing of mobile, Wi-Fi, IMS and diameter networks


Get real-time Quality of Experience (QoE) insight from thousands of Wi-Fi locations with Spirent Epitiro

Telexcell Information Systems

Wireless Networking

Ensures the appropriate level of auditability for enterprise WLAN deployments


Base Station

Deeply Converged Large Capacity Multi-Mode BBU. Innovative RRUs for diversified scenarios. Large capacity integrated Macro Base Station Series. New-generation
Magic Remote Radio Unit Series. Pre5G Massive MIMO Base Station


Dual Mode Radio Network Controller ZXUR9000 & Next Generation – Virtualized Radio Controller

Network Management

NetNumen U31 Network Management Solution

Network Optimization Tools

Introduction to ZTE UniPOS CNO & NetMAX - Network Optimization Expert System


GoTa 3G Switching Controller

 ZiLTE Core Networks

 ZiLTE Base Stations

 GoTa 3G Base Stations

 ZiLTE Smart Terminal GH800

 GoTa CDMA Handset G180

 GoTa CDMA Handset G500

 GoTa CDMA Handset G660

 GoTa CDMA Handset G880

 GoTa CDMA Module G100

Wireless Infrastructure

Tower includes, all-in-one camouflage site, camouflaged tower, self-supported tower, roof top pole, monopole


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