Communication Core. In a world demanding rich communications anywhere any time on any device, our products enable voice, messaging, IP multimedia services and business communication for fixed and mobile access

Business Applications

Cost control, accessibility and staff efficiency are the main concerns for businesses. Business Applications products meet these needs, helping operators grow in this high-revenue market


Ericsson CDMA Voice Core allows operators to deploy a state of the art platform to support 3GPP2-compliant network, manage costs while growing their subscriber base. It delivers network operators with a very robust feature-rich platform and scalable switching environment that efficiently delivers service to all markets

Fixed Switching

Reducing the total cost of ownership to ensure that fixed telephony continues to be profitable is a key challenge for today’s operator, one that can be solved with our fixed switching offering


Ericsson IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a core network solution that delivers rich real-time communication services for both consumer and business users over any access network and for any device types, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops and fixed phones

Machine-to-Machine Products

Getting closer to the Ericsson’s vision of more than 50 billion connected devices means knowing how to address the diverse connectivity needs of a massive number and variety of devices, while simultaneously facilitating smooth and efficient network provisioning. Ericsson Device Connection Platform is an important part of the M2M eco system to realize this vision


Ericsson has the Messaging products that allows you to reduce operating and capital expenditures, protect existing messaging business, and increase revenue with new and innovative messaging services

Mobile Switching

Mobile switching portfolio provides efficient switching solutions for mobile circuit-switched voice calls, while ensuring a future-proof network evolution to Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Signal Routing

In many networks there is a need for shifting from a distributed handling of the network signaling topology onto a more centralized topology. One reason for moving from a distributed to a centralised topology would be the OPEX reduction it leads to when the number of signaling peers at a certain point in time becomes troublesome to maintain and configure. Another reason would be that a centralized topology enables a central point for tracing and monitoring of the signaling type in question. A third reason would be the need for hiding and securing the internal network topology from the outside world by establishing a signaling interconnect point at the border of the own network. Ericsson offer two different signaling concentration nodes: Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) and IP-Signaling Transfer Point (IP-STP)

Site for central office and ICT

Ericsson Site portfolio includes products & accessories needed to build a cost-efficient, carrier-grade central office & ICT site prepared for supplying reliable, profitable services

User Data Management

Providing subscription handling for all the processes related to the privacy, authentication, authorization and mobility management of end users in mobile and converged networks


The core network solutions enable operators to shift toward user experience, smart operation and ICT convergence. As key to operator’s convergence in network, data, services and operation, they help operators get an upper hand in post-voice era, make profit from mobile Internet and take an early lead in ICT convergence age


The simple solution for transformation, provides a single core network solution to enable network’s smooth evolution and smart operation, while bringing convered, enhanced and rich experience to users


SingleEPC solution helps operators visualize the pipeline, optimize bandwidth utilization and enhance end-to-end QoS, thus ensuring the successful transformation of traditional network toward smart MBB for operators


Convergent Data

In the coming IoT era with the motto to establish a better connected world, the communication exchange services will be extend greatly to machines from human, and between machines. A gradual transformation from traditional telecom networks into information and communications technology convergence networks has begun already. Convergent data provides mulitiple solutions and products which help operators to improve operation efficiency and service innovation, thus create more value and profit from data


Huawei IoM solution is the dedicated platform for IoT connectivity management. It has connectivity management platform, IoT service enabler platform, IoT data management & openness functions


Manage the core evolution-Maximize operational efficiency with the 5620 SAM. The demands on core networks continue to grow – and this requires an expanded approach to core network management. The 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM), proven in the IP/MPLS networks of more than 600 service providers, delivers powerful capabilities that simplify operations of IP core and integrated IP/optical networks

Manage to do more- Network operators can maximize efficiency by managing the IP core, service edge, and optical transport domains using a single platform. With the 5620 SAM, service providers dramatically enhance network visibility and operational control. So they can more efficiently manage growth in the core


Mobile Packet Core

Composed of both a Packet Core Controller and a Packet Core Gateway. Each component integrally supports multiple radio network technologies including 2G, 3G, and LTE simultaneously, while providing combined MME/SGSN and S-GW/P-GW/GGSN functionalities, respectively. The Packet Core Controller combines the functionality of the LTE Mobility Management Entity (MME) and the 2G/3G Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN), which collectively manages control plane traffic, including user authentication, session and mobility management. The Gateway combines the LTE Serving and Packet Gateways (S-GW/P-GW) as well as the 2G/3G Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), responsible for management and delivery of user data plane traffic, policy and charging enforcement and packet inspection functionality

IP Multimedia Subsystem

IMS products provide a complete communications and services platform for the delivery of HD Voice service, as well as a wide range of multimedia services for both wired and wireless access networks. The IMS offerings include two components. The IMS Core, which handles general IMS session setup and orchestration; and the IMS-AS servers which host telephony services and other individual IMS-based applications

AdaptiV EPC

The AdaptiV Evolved Packet Core (EPC) provides operators the flexibility they need to manage the flood of IoT and user device traffic that is predicted to grow 10-fold between 2014 and 2018. The AdaptiV EPC pulls together software-based virtualized network functions (VNFs) running on a KVM hypervisor, and can use standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) general-purpose hardware, or specialized purpose built Samsung servers, depending on the operator’s specific requirements. Each VNF represents a unique function that a traditional EPC would handle (for example, a ‘load balancer’), but runs as an independent software unit within a operating system-like hypervisor. The hypervisor can then ensure that each VNF is assigned its own set of resources from a collective pool of resources


Voice Communication

Products include ZXSS10 SS1b Convergent Soft-Switch, ZXUN xAGCF Convergent Access Gateway Control Function, ZXUN B200 Convergent Session Boarder Controller, ZXUN iCX Intelligent Controller eXtensive, ZXUN iMG Integrative Media Gateway, ZXUN SSS Convergent Supplementary Service Server, and ZXUN CSCF Session Control Function

Packet Core

Products include ZXUN iCG: Intelligent Content Gateway, ZXUN uMAC: Unified Mobile Access Controller, and ZXUN xGW: Converged Multi-Access Packet Gateway

Convergence User Data

Products include ZXUN RCP, ZXUN USPP Universal Subscriber Profile Platform, ZXUN USPP HLR, ZXUN HLRe, ZXUN USPP IMS HSS Home Subscriber Server, ZXUN USPP EPC HSS Evolved Packet Core Home Subscriber Server, ZXUN USPP MNP Mobile Number Portability, ZXUN USPP EIR, ZXUN USPP EIR, and ZXUN UniA ZXUN SPR

 Intelligent OSS

Products include NetNumenTM U31(CN) Unified OSS Platform and ZXUN NetBAS Network Business Analysis System




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