Sanjeev Banzal, Advisor (Networks, Spectrum & Licensing), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

I have been a reader of Communications Today for more than 3 years and written for it too. Communications Today provides concise and comprehensive articles which are very good source of information in the field of competitive analysis IT, telecom, and networking. The articles on latest telecommunication technologies, viz., M2M, and IoT are also very useful and help in keeping abreast with the latest trends and developments in this field. The articles written by various domain experts in the field enhance understanding of the subject matter.

I wish all the success to Communications Today!

Sanjeev Banzal
Advisor (Networks, Spectrum & Licensing),
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

Dinesh Chand Sharma, (Seconded European Standardization Expert in India), Director – Standardization, Policy, and Regulation

Communications Today is synonymous with the ICT Industry covering Telecom and IT today. It has rightfully earned its reputation as the industry leader, with each edition being as informative, educational, and enlightening as the other. The team at Communications Today goes an extra mile to ensure that the articles, analyses, information on policy, business trends, and technology updates are latest and are of cutting-edge.

The magazine has evolved rapidly in line with the latest trends and technologies and is always the first reference point for a telecom professional, entrepreneur, business analyst, engineering student, or even an industry veteran.

I would like to personally congratulate the Communications Today team for their excellent work and efforts and for becoming a one-stop magazine for the ICT industry!


Dinesh Chand Sharma
(Seconded European Standardization Expert in India),
Director – Standardization, Policy, and Regulation

DN Gupta, Head-Strategic Initiative (Government), Terrah Technologies

For the last so many years, I am a regular reader of Communications Today. In today's scenario, CT is the best magazine for news in the field of Information & Telecommunication Technology. It keeps me up to date in this world of fast-changing trends and emerging technologies. The editorials and interviews of corporate leaders are very inspiring and a guiding force for aspiring young ones in the technical field.

The team at Communications Today has been able to keep pace with the present day challenges in ICT sector.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication of CT team. My best wishes and good luck to the team of Communications Today for their success and bright future.


DN Gupta
Head-Strategic Initiative (Government),
Terrah Technologies

Sohag Sarkar, Associate Director-Strategy & Operations, KPMG Advisory Services

The world of telecom is ever-changing and is full of exciting developments. Almost always, it becomes difficult to keep pace with the industry events and happenings. This critical need is being fulfilled by Communications Today. Kudos is extended to the Communications Today team as they take efforts to continually source their business articles directly from the experts, i.e., people who are driving some of these changes within the industry.

The authors come from wide spectrum and equally represent different organizations within the telecom value chain. How does it help the reader? It provides a 360-degree perspective to a topic or an area of contemporary significance.

As a Management Consultant, I am enthused by a publication of this nature. The magazine provides the required content for all types of users – telecom enthusiasts to telecom stalwarts. To me, it is a panacea, which is widely subscribed to by the telecom fraternity.

I extend my praise to the entire team of Communications Today for meticulously presenting content and articles of contemporary interest via physical print and e-zine, and also digitally delivering featured blogs and news updates right to my mailbox.

Sohag Sarkar
Associate Director-
Strategy & Operations,
KPMG Advisory Services

Tilak Raj Dua, Director General, TAIPA (Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association)

As we all know, media plays a significant role in the development of the nation which is why it is the fourth pillar of any democratic country. Communications Today is one of the widely read publications among the different stakeholders such as government, corporates, institutions, and telecom enthusiasts. The magazine shares comprehensive information around innovation, research and development, news, and opinions of industry experts on serious subjects pertaining to telecommunications sector. It is the era of technology, innovation, and research and analysis, which is covered by the magazine extensively. This helps the reader to capture month-long developments in a crisp manner, while investing only limited time.

I have been reading Communications Today magazine for the past 20 years and have seen remarkable shift in terms of content, design, and topical features. I recommend every telecom professional to read this magazine as it can help him refine, articulate, and be informed of the latest happenings in the telecom sector.

Wish you good luck for 2017 and your forthcoming endeavours.

Tilak Raj Dua
Director General,
TAIPA (Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association)

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