Satya N. Gupta Secretary General, NGN Forum, IndiaCommunications Today is my Source as well as Destination for anything I want to know in the emerging ecosystem of ICT, especially next-generation networks. The perspectives provided by thought leaders in their respective domains are always eye openers for me and a great learning experience. I always eagerly look forward to my monthly copy of the magazine; though I do make use of its digital version as well. In addition, it is always my go-to publication whenever I have something innovative to communicate.

Satya N. Gupta
Secretary General,
NGN Forum, India 


Mukul Kulkarni General Manager, Data Center SolutionsI have been a regular reader of Communications Today and enjoy reading the technical articles. It is an informative platform for the latest developments in the IT and telecom industry and gives valuable insights on industry trends that help our business of data center build. The magazine features an impressive set of people and their views on technology are worth reading. I wish Communications Today all the best.

Mukul Kulkarni
General Manager,
Data Center Solutions


Shalil Gupta Associate Vice President-Insights and Consulting, IDC IndiaTo continue to grow and prosper, organizations need to know how changes in technology, buyer behavior, and macro-economic shifts will affect their industry. Technology changes faster than one can fathom and to keep pace with it becomes vital. Communications Today is an amalgamation of credible industry insights, which help readers keep pace with the ongoing scenarios and disruptions in the telecom industry. The guest columns are an enriching source of information which aid one's own viewpoint combining it with industry experts' perspectives enabling them to a look at the bigger picture.

Shalil Gupta
Associate Vice President-Insights and Consulting,
IDC India


Manish Sharma, Director, Voila CommunicationsCommunications Today brings valuable insights and knowledge to its readers, while showcasing the latest in technology and evolving industry trends. The magazine publishes diverse spectrum of views and analyses and presents its users rich content and up-to-date information on telecom and enterprise communications.

Covering the latest technological advancements and market trends and addressing key business and technology issues facing the industry today, the magazine is a valuable resource for ICT professionals and communications technology users and an excellent platform to display products and solutions.

Manish Sharma
Voila Communications


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