Communications Today is the magazine which covers latest trends with their pros and cons based on views from experienced hands in the industry from where every organization can get the benefits as per their needs and also best-fitted solutions. The only thing required is to read all the case studies and other articles published in this magazine. This is the only magazine that takes the inputs directly from the end-users of the technology, who can tell of the benefits and things to be taken care of while implementing new technologies. So this magazine is a sort of virtual guide.

My best wishes are to the Communications Today team!

Vikas Marwah


Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCIL)

"These days the world is changing very fast and everyone is passing through the digital transformation, which is the need of the hour. Telecom and IT industries are leading in this change.

To keep pace with this change Communications Today is a ready reckoner, which provides latest news trends, new launches and market foresight in very comprehensive and understandably ways at a single place. Its e-magazine, portal, and daily newsletter provide on-the-go digital philosophy, make it more ready to use at any time, and keep the readers up to date. Its most unique and interesting part is that each edition gives perspectives of different leaders and experts from various domains of the industry on a topic relevant at that time in addition to the interview of an industry expert with detailed analysis of a current topic along with different case studies that help its readers in their decision-making process.

I would like to congratulate the entire editorial team of Communications Today for their great job of making changes in technology understandable to their readers in such an easy and simple way and look forward for more interesting editions to come".

Manish Sharma

Head IT,

Minda Automotive Solutions Ltd.

"With the technological advancements, telecom world is experiencing changes continually. Communications Today has been a witness to these betterments, from 2G to 4G and hybrid communications to unified communications. Communications Today has always offered me invaluable insights of the rapidly changing telecom landscape and a window to the nitty-gritties of the upcoming innovations. The perfectly structured articles focusing on the trends in telecom and IT industries have been a reliable source for understanding the current and future communication needs of the end-customers.

I congratulate Communications Today for their in-depth research and maintaining the quality of work for a long period of time and wish them success for their coming editions".

Ruchir Talati

Marketing Manager – Telecom Business,

Matrix Comsec

5g india


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