Rajiv Kumar Mishra

My journey with Communications Today started in the year 2010, and since then the magazine is an integral part of my routine. Communications Today not only disseminates information on telecom but also has enough resources in its subscription on IT and global business and trade. It gives insight into telecommunication and networking and emphasizes on global trends and on latest and upcoming technologies.

One of the key features of Communications Today is editorial content, which provides in-depth features and mass opinions for IT and telecom industries.

I would like to congratulate Communications Today team for retaining its leadership position through their massive information, layout, and design. I would like to see articles on new technologies, do's and don'ts of IT and telcom industries, and expert views in every edition they publish.

All the best team Communication Today!

Rajiv Kumar Mishra
Head IT,

Rishab Tripathi

Communications Today is very informative and offers valuable industry insights. It provides comprehensive information on numerous events happening in the IT and telecommunication industry. In today's fast-paced world, where technologies are emerging and changing rapidly, it is a good platform that updates readers regarding the technological advancements.

The magazine delivers information concerning prevalent trends and news providing a broad spectrum of views. Along with technical news, other sections such as the reports and enterprise networks are vital information resources to readers.

I am following Communications Today regularly and it has commendably maintained its level of providing quality information through in-depth analysis and expert insights. I wish it continues to flourish with such knowledgeable insights, expert views, as well as news from India and around the globe.

Rishab Tripathi
Media Relations Manager,

Abhishek Soni

Communications Today is a magazine that provides useful information on events, technologies, and the current trends in IT and telecom.

The magazine carries informative write-ups from the industry leaders and think tanks. It is a window for the IT and telecom industry business leaders for information on emerging technologies and businesses.

My best wishes to Communications Today!

Abhishek Soni
FC & A Lead-R-JIO,
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.

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