RS Sharma, Chairman of TRAI., feels that regulations and policies must change with time.

“As we go ahead with newer technologies, policies of the physical world cannot be simply ‘exported’ to the digital world which is seeing rapid technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and convergence of devices,” he said at Convergence India 2018

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Sharma said that while there is convergence of pipes as also communication devices, the advent of 5G is driving greater throughput, lowering latency and facilitating machine-to-machine communication.

“The regulatory and policy space must change to cater to digital world and it has to leverage technologies, algorithms, AI and other technologies,” he said.

He said telecom pipes are delivering all kinds of digital content today, while devices such as mobile phones are being used for browsing the Internet as also watching movies. On the other hand, cable television pipes can deliver broadband.

“A lot is changing in the digital world. We also need to change the policies, so we can grapple with this issue. Policies for new, digital world can’t be the same as those for physical world...these same policies can’t just be exported (for digital space),” Sharma said.

The TRAI chief also said that India has a great opportunity to ‘leapfrog’ by using technology, as the technological advancements make it possible to overcome deficiencies in physical infrastructure and to offer services.

Citing an example of Aadhaar, Sharma said that India needs frugal yet a robust technology architecture. “Innovations are getting layered. Aadhaar, which is digital identity infrastructure, has on top of it, the India stack or India products, including eSign, eKYC, authentication services and digital locker,” he added.

The Convergence India is held to discuss initiatives that the country can take to meet government’s Digital India vision. The government and various parties around the world are also looking at collaborating technologies and knowledge for the same. – The Hindu Business Line 


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