Quantzig has announced the completion of their latest analytics article on the top telecom industry trends for 2018. Telecom industry firms have been so careful in recent years that their basic operational structure has collapsed.

Quantzig has listed the most important trends in the telecom industry to help you survive in this industry.

The telecom industry is experiencing a period of evolution. In the recent times, telcos have witnessed sluggish growth in the B2C sector, decline in traditional revenue, and dipping average revenue per user. However, the contribution of popular telecom industry trends such as OTT, IoT, and AI in increasing profits and development of processes during the past few years has sparked the hope for growth in the industry.

According to the telecom industry experts at Quantzig, “The rigorous regulatory measures that have been levied on telecom companies are putting them under enormous performance pressure.”

Top telecom industry trends

Traffic expansion is on the rise: Big challenge for telcos is to build the additional infrastructure for new technologies.

Growth in the IoT market: New services being deployed on top of old technologies will help the Internet of Things market to grow suggestively.

Bidding adieu to 2G: In the era of 4G, 2G has become outdated. As a result, the demand for network services that are up to date with the latest requirements is rising. – Business World 



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