Airtel has launched its VoLTE service in Coimbatore.

Well, with the launch of VoLTE service, Airtel customers in Coimbatore can now make HD quality voice calls which means the voices they hear will be much more clearer than before. Apart from this, Airtel customers also get the benefit of faster call setup time which is always appreciated.

That said, one of our favorite aspects of VoLTE technology is that a user can keep on using Internet at 4G speeds even while having an ongoing voice call. Something that doesn’t happen with 4G networks as they switch to 3G network when you answer or make a voice call.

With that being said, Airtel customers in Coimbatore will be able to take advantage of VoLTE service without having to pay anything extra. However, it’s worth noting that customers are required to have a 4G SIM along with a VoLTE enabled smartphone to use the VoLTE service. Here’s the entire list of smartphones compatible with Airtel’s VoLTE service.

Commenting on the launch of VoLTE service in Coimbatore, Manoj Murali, HUB CEO, Kerala & Tamil Nadu, Bharti Airtel said, “We are delighted to extend our VoLTE footprint in Tamil Nadu with the launch of services in Coimbatore. Complementing our world class 4G network, VoLTE will add to the customer experience and our range of smartphone offerings.“

How to enable Airtel VoLTE on your smartphone ?

Check whether your device is compatible with Airtel’s VoLTE network (click here to see the list)

Make sure your smartphone is running the latest version of the software provided by the smartphone manufacturer

Upgrade to a 4G SIM if you are currently using a 2G/3G SIM. You can either get it upgraded by visiting your nearest Airtel store, or, can get it delivered to your home by filling in this form.– Mobi Gyan


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