With a battle-ready team of IRSSE officers on board RailTel, who carry the rich experience of handling the core expertise of Signaling and a resilient optical fiber network across the country with 2 Tier-III data centers, it was but natural for RailTel to diversify into Signaling business. RailTel took this step with the signing up of an MOU between RailTel Enterprise Limited (REL), a subsidiary of RailTel, with M/s TVM Signaling & Transportation Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (a group company of M/s KYOSAN) for hosting a cloud based Signaling Application in RailTel Data Centers. This will change the way the Indian Railways handles Signaling Design, Alterations, Proof Checking and Certification. The MoU was signed on 10th November 2017 by Sh. Amarjeet, GGM/CC REL and  Gopal Krishnan, MD of TSTS, in the august presence of  Akhil Agrawal, DG/S&T/Railway Board,  Arun Saksena, Advisor Signal, RailTel,  Heita Takeyama, MD/ KYOSAN and other senior officials of RailTel .

Signal Design is a major area of concern for Rail Operations from the angle of time taken, errors, re-work, modifications and subsequent delays, complete simulation testing with documentation and traceability. Design Automation Software Tools now become integral part of the RailTel's Design Center with features ranging from Yard and Signal Configuration Plan to Control Tables to preparation of Application Logic with modules for Verification and Validation and for Simulation Testing and Certification.

This is just the 1st step with many more to follow to meet the end objective of achieving high level of Safety, Efficiency and Profitability of Railways by improving line capacity, headway and throughput with minimal investments. This can be achieved with modernization of signaling with optimal utilization of created physical assets. RailTel plans to play a big role in helping Railways achieve these objectives in minimum time and cost.

This hosted Design Automation Tool for KYOSAN EI will be used by Railways/PSUs/System Integrators. At present, there are more than 150 KYOSAN/TSTS make Electronic Interlocking works in progress at stations over different Zones of Indian Railway. 

Data Center & OFC Network of RailTel will make the solution universally accessible to authenticated users and help cut down delays in the process while reducing cost and time over runs. . This will catapult RailTel into a new league, monetizing the core strength of many outstanding Signal Engineers on Board of RailTel. – Communications Today Bureau



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