TRAI said that "Some Service Providers' Associations have however again requested for extension of time for more deliberations to formulate the responses to the issues raised in the Consultation Paper. In view of the request of the stakeholders, it has been decided to further extend the last date for filling comments till 6th November 2017 and for counter comments till 21st November 2017."

The initial dates were 8th September 2017 and 22nd Septemeber, 2017 but on receipt of the request from some stakeholders, the last date for submission of comments was extended to 8 the October 2017 and for counter-comments to 24th October 2017.

To recall, in August this year the regulator has issued a consultation paper on "Privacy, Security and Ownership of the Data" in the Telecom Sector.

The consultation paper also aims to understand and identify the key issues pertaining to data protection in relation to the delivery of digital services. This includes the provision of telecom and Internet services by telecom and Internet service providers (ISPs) as well the other devices, networks, and applications that connect with users through the services offered by TSPs which collect and control user data in that process.

"The Availability of data has enhanced the business and efficiency potential of data analytics. However, it is equally important to assess whether the data rights of individuals are being adequately protected in this changing environment. Data protection may, therefore, mean the ability of individuals to understand and control the manner in which information pertaining to them can be accessed and used by others," the regulator said.

TRAI further stated that it is of the view that the users should be empowered in respect of ownership and control of his/her personal data and to ensure this, all the players in the eco-system are bound to follow certain safeguards while collecting, storing and using the data pertaining to their subscribers.  – GIZ bot



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