Earlier this month, IBM invited QIHAN Technology Company to showcase Sanbot, an intelligent humanoid robot, at the annual IBM Forum 2017 event in Hong Kong. Powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot demonstrated smart card payments in retail solutions using a demo for an interactive coffee menu and language recognition using IBM Watson, as well as interacted with the event’s attendees to reveal how robotics will benefit the future.

“Partnering with QIHAN provides us with a powerful platform for IBM Watson, and showcases all the ways we can interact with humanoids in our lives,” said Rick Lee, Watson leader at IBM. “From service industries, to financial services and healthcare, there is an important role that robotics can play. IBM is excited about the future possibilities of our partnership to change the world.”

With robust, cloud-powered artificial intelligence powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot is able to deliver effective, personalized communications and services. With its unique Robotics-as-a-Service model, Sanbot is capable of recognizing and communicating up to 30 different languages, making it ideal to be deployed almost anywhere in the world.

“Sanbot’s demonstrations at IBM Forum 2017 served as a glimpse into a world where robots will change people’s lives,” said Zhuang Yongjun, chief technology officer at QIHAN. “Demonstrating Sanbot at the IBM Forum is the first in a long line of ways we can work together to bring AI and robotics to the forefront. We look forward to continued collaborations and opportunities that will showcase the power of AI.” – Communications Today Bureau



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